CopterPoint Oy is a consultation company, founded year 2014.

Our main function is to provide consultation to EASA-CAT helicopter operators in heliport obstacle and performance assessment.

The other main area, in which we can provide assistance, is to function as an aviation expert in heliport design  and construction projects.


Santtu Mannila

+358 (0) 44 982 2770


Vähäniityntie 18B


Effectiveness analysis of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Finland, Joint Authority of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District and Government’s joint Analysis, Assessment and Research Activities. Subcontractor to research group in aviation matters. 

Helideck and helicopter hangar of special purpose ship, design evaluation, operative analysis and compliance to international standards, ICAO Annex 14 and UK CAA CAP 437. Subcontractor to Elomatic Consulting and Engineering Oy

Jorvi hospital, Espoo (EFEJ), new elevated heliport design and consultation

Turku science park, Construction of high rise buildings, impact analysis of construction work and buildings to Turku University hospital (EFTV) heliport. 

Oulu University hospital (EFHO), new temporary surface level heliport and new elevated heliport design and consultation 

Tampere University hospital (EFPT), new elevated heliport design and consultation.

Usability assessment of the current elevated EFTV heliport, Medisiina D and T3 – construction projects, Turku University Hospital.

Re-design elevated heliport of EFTV, usability and obstacle assessment, Turku University Hospital.

Siltasairaala construction project, assessment and location analysis of possible new heliport, Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki

Location analysis and usability assessment of possible new heliport, Kotka Central Hospital expansion project.

Report study to CAA -Finland on heliport compliance with existing regulation and Annex 14 Vol II, assessment of 4 surface level and 8 elevated heliports, sub-contractor to AII Aerospace Design, Gap -analysis on hospital heliports.

Usability improvement assessment, obstacle and performance evaluation, Hämeenlinna Central Hospital.


EFPT, elevated heliport, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere

EFHY, elevated heliport, Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki

EFTV, elevated heliport at T2 building, Turku Univerversity Hospital, Turku

EFPJ, elevated heliport, Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio

EFHO, surface level temporary heliport, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu

EFHO, elevated heliport, Oulu University Hospital, Oulu

EFPE, elevated heliport, Peijas hospital, Vantaa

EFEJ, surface level heliport, Jorvi hospital, Espoo

EFHK, surface level heliport, HEMS -base, Helsinki-Vantaa airport

EFHK, surface level heliport, new FATO area, Helsinki-Vantaa airport

EFTU, surface level heliport, HEMS –base, Turku airport

EFTU, surface level heliport, new HEMS -base, Turku airport

EFTP, surface level heliport, HEMS –base, Tampere-Pirkkala airport

EFSI, surface level heliport, HEMS -base, Seinäjoki airport

EFPL, elevated heliport, Päijät-Häme hospital, Lahti

EFHS, elevated heliport, Seinäjoki hospital, Seinäjoki

EFLR, elevated heliport, Lapland Central Hospital, Rovaniemi

EFJV, elevated heliport, Jyväskylä Nova Hospital, Jyväskylä

ESHU, elevated heliport, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala

ESHD, surface level heliport, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm

ESHC, surface level heliport, Södersjukhus Hospital, Stockholm

ESHK, elevated heliport, Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, Stockholm

ESHL, elevated heliport, Karolinska Akademiska Sjukhus in Huddinge, Huddinge